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Spring Break Around the Corner | March 11, 2010

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had a chance to update the blog! A quick review of what’s kept me from my blogging duties:

  • Planning and Control Systems midterm and kick off to our capstone project, ITEC
  • New Firm Finance midterm
  • 5 days in San Francisco including an interview at the company where I interned this summer: Genentech
  • New Firm Finance presentation
  • Supply Chain Practicum mid-point presentation
  • Investments midterm (probably one of the top 3 most difficult tests I’ve ever taken in my life)

Whew, I get a little worn out just looking what I’ve been through the last 10-12 days or so. But the reward is near because our Spring Break starts this weekend. We won’t be back in class until March 22nd. On the bright side, no class! On the not so bright side, no rest for the weary because I’ll be working on a research paper for our Practicum presentation in April.

However, after making it through this gauntlet, I know I’ll have more time for blogging in the near future, and I’m excited about some of the content I’ll have lined up before we graduate in May. Please keep checking back to see what I have in store!


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