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Back from Spring Break and Into the Home Stretch

March 22, 2010
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Today is Monday, March 22nd, and we are now just 54 days away from graduation. It’s pretty amazing how quickly the time has flown by up to this point, and I know that with all of the work left to do for us, the next few weeks will melt away just as fast.

Now that the finish line is in sight, it’s difficult not to start looking back at all that we’ve accomplished in the last 19 months as MBA candidates. The classes, internships, projects, exams, leadership roles, extracurricular activities, graduate assistantships, and for me, a semester in Copenhagen. We’ve been busy.

Lost in some of the day-to-day and week-to-week hubbub is a realization of just how far we’ve come in our education and our preparation to be leaders in the business world. From my own perspective, I feel so much more comfortable in my projects and assignments this semester than I did my first semester. And at this point, I feel very well prepared to enter my career, and I’m excited for the next opportunities and challenges that my next job will hold.

I’m sure I’ll have much more to say on these topics in the weeks ahead, but it’s nice to pause for a moment and say, “Yes, we have come a long ways.”


Monday Quick Links

March 22, 2010
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Of course the big news of the day is the passage of comprehensive health care reform by Congress and the Obama administration. CNN Money has an article up this morning addressing the impact of the bill on small businesses.

Business Week also takes a closer look at how the legislation impacts both the insurance and pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries. In particular, biotech/pharma scored a big victory in establishing 12-year patent protections for their products. The bill is also expected to introduce millions of new customers to the insurance market through a federal mandate to purchase insurance.

And in the short run, US stocks are up this morning on reaction to the bills’ passage.

In an exceedingly rare event, yields on bonds issued by Berkshire Hathaway fell below yields on US Treasuries. Bloomberg outlines the story, which essentially says investors now trust Warren Buffett more than they do Barack Obama to pay back their debt. The US’ AAA credit rating is also in danger.

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Spring Break Around the Corner

March 11, 2010
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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had a chance to update the blog! A quick review of what’s kept me from my blogging duties:

  • Planning and Control Systems midterm and kick off to our capstone project, ITEC
  • New Firm Finance midterm
  • 5 days in San Francisco including an interview at the company where I interned this summer: Genentech
  • New Firm Finance presentation
  • Supply Chain Practicum mid-point presentation
  • Investments midterm (probably one of the top 3 most difficult tests I’ve ever taken in my life)

Whew, I get a little worn out just looking what I’ve been through the last 10-12 days or so. But the reward is near because our Spring Break starts this weekend. We won’t be back in class until March 22nd. On the bright side, no class! On the not so bright side, no rest for the weary because I’ll be working on a research paper for our Practicum presentation in April.

However, after making it through this gauntlet, I know I’ll have more time for blogging in the near future, and I’m excited about some of the content I’ll have lined up before we graduate in May. Please keep checking back to see what I have in store!

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