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A Word on the iPad | February 2, 2010

Before I write this relatively brief post, I should disclose that I am an Apple junkie. I’m on my second MacBook Pro, I have been an iPhone user for over a year, and I have two other legacy iPods that I use when I exercise. I pay a premium for their products because they are high value-add, high performance and very aesthetically pleasing.

And so it is with the iPad, with one major exception: the product just doesn’t really add any value to what I already do. I’m not the only one who feels that way either. CNET describes the iPad:

…the iPad is hampered by a well-documented string of missing features: a camera, 16:9 support, Flash support (seriously?), multitasking, SD card slot, HDMI or high-res video output support, USB ports, GPS, and so on. Plus, it’s exclusive to the AT&T network…

Needless to say, as a graduate student without much money, the $600 price tag is a bit steep for me to get a cross between my iPhone and MacBook with an e-reader. Fortunately, Apple will be pushed to improve the iPad by none other than Google. TechCrunch reports the internet giant is producing its own Tablet operating system, Chrome OS. Hopefully, Google and Apple can push each other to improve and evolve these touch-screen computers into something more useful and less expensive than their current form. At that point, I’m sure I’ll run out and get my Apple fix once again.


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