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Spring 2010 Class Schedule | January 27, 2010

So with the start of a new semester comes a new set of classes. Here’s an outline of what I’ll be taking this semester:

MBA 523, Investments: This course examines securities (bonds, equity, options) in a much greater level of detail than Advanced Corporate Finance did. Instead of viewing securities from the viewpoint of the corporation, investments treats the subject matter from the viewpoint of the investor. A nice follow-up to Adv. Corp Fin., I’m excited about what this class brings in terms of understanding the financial markets on a deeper level. For example, when I read about what’s happening with Greece’s debt situation, I feel like I understand what’s happening there more clearly than I would otherwise.

MBA 529, New Firm Finance: While I don’t have a great deal of interest in entrepreneurialism, it never hurts to learn more about how small and medium-sized business works. This class will take us through the financing process from seed money through the venture capital process.

MBA 543, Planning and Control Systems: PCS delivers the nuts and bolts of operations management from Demand Management to S&OP to Master Production Scheduling to Inventory Management. The class has an intensive focus on practical application, and we’ll be working in teams on a number of simulations throughout the semester. After my Supply Relationship and Logistics courses, this is one of the capstones of my Supply Chain Management concentration.

MBA 590, Supply Chain Practicum: The culmination of my MBA, Practicum is equivalent to an applied thesis. The entire course is composed of a supply chain project at a local company. I will be working with three other MBA students to develop a risk evaluation framework for suppliers in Biogen Idec’s operations department. This is the class I am most excited about because it truly is real world experience where we’ll be applying all of the leadership, project management and supply chain skills that we have accumulated over the last three semesters. It’s also a great segue for getting back into the working world.

Needless to say, this will be a busy but exciting spring. I have an extremely full class load for my last semester, but then I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is why I came back to school after all!


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