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Facebook Marches On: International Version | October 27, 2009

When I began work as a Social Media Developer for NC State a little over 12 months ago, many websites were vying with Facebook for supremacy of the social networking world. Facebook’s strongest international competitor, Orkut, boasted 67 million members, located primarily in Brazil and India. Orkut’s popularity in these two countries seemed well established as late as 6 months ago. But it now appears that Facebook is making major inroads in these markets as well.

From TechCrunch, Facebook has shown appreciable year-over-year growth of 225+% in India, while Orkut has only grown by 38% in that same period. Even worse for Orkut, their growth actually declined between July and August, in a sign that users are migrating over to Facebook. The analysis from TechCrunch includes many reasons for this shift, not least of which is Facebook’s increasing market share, as well as the availability of Facebook in many Indian language dialects.

Meanwhile, Facebook has eaten into Orkut’s advantage in Brazil as well. While ultra recent data isn’t available, this blog post dated July 1st from inside Facebook suggests the same trendline in Brazil as in India.

As Facebook aggressively pursues international markets and continues to add to its already enormous user base, dont’ expect these trends to stop. Facebook is already the dominant platform in America and Western Europe (nearly every Dane I meet has an account, including many adults), and that has major drawing power for non-users because if all of my friends are there, I want to be there too.


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