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Moving to the Left | October 9, 2009

Yesterday evening, I had a brief conversation with one of my classmates (hi Lindsay) about this blog and how my writing has evolved since I came to Copenhagen two months ago. She noted that my writing, particularly on health care and climate change took a definitive liberal slant. I understand where the opinion comes from. Has my writing begun to reflect more of my personal beliefs? Probably. But I wonder how much of that has to do me being here in Europe.

As I’ve stated many times on this blog, climate change is taken as fact here, while universal health care is taken for granted. The Danes I speak to don’t really understand modern conservatism in America. They don’t understand how we can deny something (global warming) that is happening before our very eyes, or how we can allow 50 million of our citizens to go without health care. I’ve also heard a lot of laughter at the comments about Obama earning the “socialist” and “Communist” labels from his more extreme critics.

I will grant that living in Copenhagen has probably moved my writing slightly to the left, but I also think it’s moved my writing more in alignment with the rest of the world, and with the business community at large. The rest of the world is deep in a conversation about how to limit carbon emissions while minimizing the economic impact. My blog post yesterday regarding Apple leaving the Chamber of Commerce only serves to highlight that trend. The future of business is green: green energy for green money. America must become more aggressive in implementing a green-centric business growth strategy if it wants to maintain its place as a global economic leader. Denying the existence of global warming is no place to start.

Over the course of this blog, I’ve tried my best to write objectively, and to insert my opinion and analysis where I thought it could add value to the discussion. But I’m always open to airing other ideas and viewpoints. If you disagree with my writing, let me know, and I’ll publish your dissent here on the blog. Or you can e-mail me personally with your perspectives, counter-arguments, criticism or praise. My inbox is always open.


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