Intersecting Minds: Education, Business and Technology at the North Carolina State Jenkins Graduate School of Management

Class Overview | September 8, 2009

Now that I’m a little more than a week into classes, and I’ve had at least one lecture for each course, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what my schedule looks like:

Corporate Finance: Judging from the syllabus this class will be a lot of review of topics covered in my Intro to Finance course from last semester, but with more depth and advanced concepts thrown in. There will be an individual final exam with problem solving and potentially a short essay or two.

Strategic Risk Management: This looks like one of the more interesting classes I’ll be taking. While the class will have a heavy emphasis on managing risk from a financial perspective, there will also be an emphasis on holistic risk management from other threats (i.e. environmental, political, economic, etc…). There will be an individual research paper addressing how a specific organization manages risk as well as an oral defense of the arguments presented in that paper.

International Logistics Management: A requirement for my Supply Chain concentration, this class will discuss both basic SCM concepts as well as more advanced theories and applications of logistics management. The course also requires a 15-page research paper, but is more of a pure research paper looking at Logistics management from either a theoretical or practical perspective. We will be proposing a research question, and then attempting to answer it.

Innovation Leadership: This class was my wildcard. It’s not required for either SCM or Finance, but it looked interesting, and the class already has a heavy focus on networking as a driver for moving innovative ideas to exploitation on the market. For the final, we will be working in teams of 4-5 to develop an entrepreneurial business plan relating to clean energy innovation.

Unlike American universities, at Copenhagen Business School, the final exams are 100% of the grade. There is no homework, no compulsory attendance, and no midterms. Needless to say, this is quite a paradigm shift from how I usually approach school. Every note I take or word I read is now seen through the prism of the final. Does this piece of information relate to what I need to do? If yes, write it down or capture that memory. If no, discard.

It will be very interesting to see how this dynamic plays out over the course of the semester and how it affects my work. Studying will definitely be a topic I return to in future blog posts. But for now, I have to head to the library to do some more reading!


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