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First Day of Class | August 31, 2009

It’s that time of year again. After the end of an amazing introduction week capped by a truly international formal dinner on Saturday night, we are ready for the first week of classes. As I write this, I’m sitting inside Dalgas Have, one of the four buildings I mentioned in my last post. In a little less than 45 minutes I’ll be heading to my first lesson here at CBS.

The classes I’m taking this semester are:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Strategic Risk Management (Global Derivatives)
  • International Logistics Management
  • Innovation Leadership

Earlier today, I stopped by the bookstore in Solberg Plads to buy my first round of textbooks. Needless to say, the Strategic Risk Management class looks like it’s going to be the true beast of the group. The material looks difficult, and even worse, the class is held in seven sessions: four 3-hour blocks on Fridays and three 6-hour blocks on Saturdays. Yuck. But I do know the class will be worth it. I’ve always wanted to understand the financial markets and the economic crisis better, and this class will be a key to that knowledge.

I’m also excited for my other classes, Corp. Finance and Logistics Management because they fit into my two concentration areas, and Innovation Leadership because it should help me learn how to think more like an entrepreneur.

As an added bonus today, I finally got my cell phone topped up and ready to work. Unlike the US, the Danish cell phones that the students use here have a pay as you go policy. I’m hoping I can make the $100 I spent today last at least a couple months. I really haven’t been using my phone much here because I really haven’t needed to. With so many planned activities during the first two weeks, we all knew where we were going and where we’d be. But now that classes have started, having a cell phone has become necessary again. Those two weeks of freedom from calling/texting sure were nice though.


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