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Biking Copenhagen | August 24, 2009

I’ve been meaning to write this post for almost a day now, but I’ve barely had time to sit, let alone blog. On Saturday, I managed to complete a real round of grocery shopping, buy a new cell phone for only $50, and I picked up a used bike as well. The bike has been nothing short of great, and I’m learning why so many Copenhageners use them to get around.

First of all, the city has built large bike lanes on every major road and most side streets. These lanes are easily wide enough for 2 bikes to ride side by side. The city is also flat, and it’s cool enough temperature-wise to make riding a comfortable experience. Riding is also a great form of exercise, and it explains in part why Danish obesity rates are nearly 2.5 times less than their American counterparts, (~11% in Denmark vs 26% in the United States).

Last night, three of us pedaled from our dorm to Christiania to catch a reggae concert. We didn’t bring a map, figuring we could just ask the locals along the way for directions. While we ended up making several wrong turns, it didn’t really matter because the three of us were so captivated by the ride and the city. We rode down new streets and ended up by these large castles downtown before finally heading in the right direction and making our destination.

This week is another busy week of orientation. 500+ more exchange students arrived this weekend, so we’ll have another huge round of names and faces to learn while also trying to get our class schedules figured out, books purchased, and getting around.


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