Intersecting Minds: Education, Business and Technology at the North Carolina State Jenkins Graduate School of Management

School Update | April 2, 2009

Over the last few months I’ve unfortunately strayed from writing about my experiences at school. Part of this has to do with the crazy economic circumstances, and part of it has to do with a general school overload. But a classmate reminded me the other day that this is an NCSU MBA weblog, and should at least make an attempt to address the events and happenings inside the walls of Nelson Hall.

So here we stand, exactly 30 days from the end of our first year of business school. The next four weeks will be full of tests, papers, and presentations for all of our classes: Strategy, Leadership & Ethics, Finance, Career Effectiveness and our concentration course (Supply Relationship Management in my case). On top of this stress, many students are still working towards finding an internship for the summer. This has proven a tough nut to crack in the current economic environment.

Fortunately, several students in the program have been successful in their internship search, myself included. I will be spending the summer in South San Francisco with Genentech, a leader in the biotechnology industry. I’m tremendously excited for the opportunity to work with an amazing organization and to return to one place I consider home. Early next week, I’ll produce a video highlighting the summer plans of other students within the program.

Over theses last four weeks, I’ll try to post more updates about end of semester events and highlights from the year. At the end of the day, I just can’t believe how quickly the last eight months have passed.


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