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Wednesday Quick Hits | March 25, 2009

A fascinating blog post on TechCrunch about the UK government implementing social media studies into elementary school curricula. Students will be taught about blogs, podcasting, and yes, even Twitter.

The stock market has rebounded nicely this morning coming off yesterday’s loss. Movement has been propelled by two reports showing improvement in durable goods orders as well as an increase in new housing starts.

Meanwhile, the news in California remains grim. Housing prices fell 41% year-over-year, dropping the median home price from $418,000 to $247,000. That’s an incredible drop in value and won’t help the state unwind from crushing debt and high unemployment.

The automobile market continues to evolve towards more fuel-efficient, hybrid models. Honda and Toyota are now looking at engaging in a price war for this emerging market of vehicles. Good news for consumers.

IBM is preparing to cut a large number of US-based service jobs and ship them over to India.


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  1. That is cool the UK is teaching that stuff. We have a Magnet School here in Bend that is doing a similar approach. They are doing podcasts and lots of using technology as a tool. Starting in Kindergarten.

    Comment by Courtney — March 25, 2009 @ 6:03 pm

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