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Monday Morning Quick Hits | February 23, 2009

The march towards nationalization of the banks continues today. Government regulators are in talks with Citi about taking a larger ownership stake in the company. The government announced that in order to do this, they will convert millions of shares of Citigroup from preferred stock to common stock.

After I defend Microsoft in my last post regarding the hiring of foreign workers, they go pull this: “Apparently Microsoft has inadvertently overpaid severance to some of its recently laid off employees, and is now asking for some of the money back.” Yeesh guys, get it together.

A $40B loan package for Chrysler and GM is being assembled by the U.S. Treasury. However, Chapter 11 remains an option for the two large auto dealers.

Yahoo will reorganize and move towards a more top-down managerial approach.

Stocks are set to open higher this morning.


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