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Pragmatism vs. Ideology | February 7, 2009

As I discuss economic issues and other major current events, one aspect I’ve been trying to control in my thinking and writing are strict ideological reactions. In other words, a liberal reflexively believes in expansive government spending while a conservative reflexively wants more tax cuts and less government. We’re seeing this play out on the Senate floor in the debates right now. And that’s their job, to debate the sides and compromise on the best solution that they can deliver.

But as an independent observer, I think it’s much more useful to be pragmatic rather than ideological. I want to find the best solution we can, regardless of personal philosophy or politics. The stakes are simply too high for us to stick our heads in the ground and not examine all the arguments out there. Especially when better answers might be out there.

That’s why I’ve tried to present an array of opinions on the stimulus, both those in favor and those against. We’ve never faced a situation comparable to this in the history of the world. It’s important that we take the time to have a real discussion about what we’re doing, and it’s important for us as Americans to look past the ideological soundbites and come to our own conclusions.

And on that note, here’s Barack Obama making his case to the American people. I report, you decide:


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