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The Hiring Freeze | February 6, 2009

CNN Money has a new article up today about a key factor plaguing the job market right now. It’s not just the job cuts, but it’s also the hiring freeze:

The Conference Board’s tracking of online job listings shows a decline of more than 1 million listings in the last two months alone. That’s a 23% decline in postings since November. The weakness in job postings is widespread, with only two states, North Dakota and Wyoming, having fewer unemployed people than advertised job openings.

Companies simply aren’t hiring right now. There were two jobfairs this last week at NC State, and several of my classmates reported the following or some variation of this line: “The companies all told us they weren’t hiring right now, but to keep checking their website for new openings.”

Most businesses are hurting really badly right now, and they simply aren’t willing to take on additional payroll until an end to the recession can be seen. Right now that isn’t happening.


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