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Career Fairing | February 5, 2009

I stopped by the College of Engineering Career Fair earlier this morning to meet with the folks from Intel. I’m eyeing an internship opportunity with them out there in Portland, Oregon. While I couldn’t stay long, here were a couple impressions:

1. There were a LOT of people there. To be expected in the economic environment, but it was a harsh dose of reality to spend 15 minutes looking for parking and another 30 minutes standing in line waiting to talk to a representative.

2. There were a LOT of engineers and computer science folks there. And almost all of them were from India or east Asia. Funny enough, the first question I received from the Intel representative was, “Are you sanctioned to work in the United States?” (I’m a white male for reference). It’s one thing to read about India and China whipping us on science and engineering. It’s quite another to be competing with it right in front of you. America needs to reinvest in science and tech R&D if we’re going to continue to compete on the global economic stage.

UPDATE: Reading this again, I hope my writing isn’t misconstrued. I’m definitely NOT a nativist. Having plenty of Indian and Chinese scientists and engineers is most definitely a good thing. There just need to be more Americans and more of an emphasis on sicence, technology and innovation in American schools, starting with elementary and middle school.


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  1. I agree with you…
    Almost all the EE or computer science master programs are occupied by Chinese and Indian.
    US people prefer to apply law schools and MBA..
    This trend should be changed….

    Comment by Gozila — February 6, 2009 @ 2:11 am

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