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Speed Networking Recap | February 2, 2009

I’ll admit that after coming in without any expectations, I was pleasantly surprised. Speed networking worked.

There were about 40 people in attendance, some first years, some second years, but mostly alumni of the program. Prior to the event beginning, each of us received a packet with 15 names and descriptions. After an hour-long reception, we gathered in a conference room featuring 20 tables with chairs on either side. We were then instructed to find our initial position and that we would have 5 minutes to network with the person across from us before getting up and switching to the next table. An hour and a half later, I had met 15 new people, gathered five business cards and generally had a great time.

Pros: Easy to meet people, fun format, food and water provided

Suggestions for Improvement: Although meeting that many people was great, I would have preferred about 2-3 minutes more time to talk and establish a connection. Additionally, 15 conversations was a bit much. By conversation 12, I really didn’t feel like talking about myself anymore. Or asking the same questions to someone else. Maybe an hour long session with 8-10 people would have worked a little better.

Other than some tweaks to the format, the event went off well. Talking with some of my classmates afterwards, they seemed to agree that speed networking added value and that they would attend similar events in the future. So would I.


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