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Of Mice And Men | January 27, 2009

“I’ve done nothing wrong.”

-Rod Blagojevich, Illinois Governor on the eve of his impreachment

“Nonetheless, they were a mistake in the light of the world we live in today.”

-John Thain, CEO of Bank of America

Watching Larry King Live right now and I have to admit that Rod Blagojevich is either a very good liar or completely delusional. The Governor, up for impeachment in the Illinois Senate later this week, has made a number of truly bizarre comments. Amongst others, he’s compared himself to Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Nixon. Weird. Tonight, he’s wrapping up a media blitz, including high-profile visits to the View and Larry King. Many are speculating that he’s trying to poison a potential jury pool for his trial. Whatever is really happening in that guy’s mind, it’s a nutty story.

Thain’s case, however, is much more straightforward. The Wall Street Journal has his full statement. Key passage (including the one above): “The second topic is the losses in the fourth quarter, which were very large and unfortunate.  However, they were incurred almost entirely on legacy positions and were due to market movements.”


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