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Google Calendar for the Class | January 27, 2009

The best New Year’s resolution I made this year was to turn my calendar from a book into a website. Since I’m checking my e-mail so often, it made sense to go with Google Calendar. It’s nice enough on an individual basis, but it’s real value lies in  the ability to share information. When I add a friend’s calendar, it makes it much easier to aggregate a complex set of events. Myself and the other MBA candidates all have a class schedule, internship search, assistantship work and outside obligations to a family or a real job (don’t forget that 70% of NCSU MBA’s are part-timers). Balancing your time is essential to successfully navigating the demands placed on you by the schedule.

I’ve talked with a few of my classmates who are on the MBA Student Association (MBASA) about creating a unified Google calendar. I think Jay talked about it first. Nice work, Jay. On this Google Calendar, you’ll be able to find a common schedule including the following types of events:

  • Classes
  • Information Sessions
  • Company Site Tours
  • Intramural Events
  • MBASA Meetings
  • Vacation Dates
  • Final Dates

The calendar could also provide links to other important sites (i.e. JobLink, Current Student Home Page, MyPack, WebMail and maybe even this blog). Anyone out there have thoughts on the idea?


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