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Spring 2009 Class Schedule | January 12, 2009

As promised, here is a brief overview of the classes I’ll be taking this semester:

MBA 500 – Managerial and Career Effectiveness: A continuation from last semester, this class will focus on strategies for finding summer internships, contract negotiation and networking techniques. The class only meets once a month on Tuesday mornings which is down from once a week last semester.

MBA 520 – Managerial Finance: No other way to put it, this class looks like a straight bear. It will last all semester and cover everything from stock and bond valuation to financial strategy. Heavy on the math and an emphasis on application in real business settings.

MBA 540 – Operations and Supply Chain Management: This is the first of two module courses, meaning it will last 8 weeks before another class takes its place. The course will give us an overview of basic Operations and SCM with an emphasis on service-oriented businesses. This is an interesting approach considering Ops and SCM is typically considered a manufacturing discipline, but the US economy is now almost 80% service-based, so this should be an interesting way to attack the material.

MBA 541 – Purchasing and Supply Chain Management: Another, more focused SCM course. This is the first elective I will be taking, and it will also last the entire semester. The class will feature the purchasing process as well as sourcing strategies, supplier relationship management, and negotiation techniques. There will be several projects including potential work with companies that are members of the Supply Chain Research Cooperative here at NCSU.

MBA 560 – Marketing Strategy: This is another core course, and the second of two module courses. Marketing will last 8 weeks and is also designed to give us an overview of basic marketing concepts and strategies.

All these classes do share something in common: brilliant professors, interesting material and an emphasis on case-studies and real world applications. The amount of reading has also climbed from last year. In just these first three days of class, I’ve read about 300 textbook pages as well as completing two case studies and a problem set for finance. Judging by the various syllabi, it’s not looking to get any easier.

Halfway through the semester we’ll drop Marketing and Ops/SCM and pick up courses in Global Strategy Management as well as Leadership & Ethics. We’ll also be assigned a group case competition that will fill much of the second half of the semester. More to come on that in the future.


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