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A Thought on Finals | December 14, 2008

We’re now down to studying for our last 2 finals. After going through the studying and review process for what seems like the 10th time, I’ve noticed a trend. Studying for finals is easier this time around. Instead of cramming a semester’s worth of material into three or four days, I feel like I’m simply reviewing concepts that I’ve already learned about and practiced. I’m looking at material that I’ve already looked at two or three times before.

In other words, I went to class this semester. If memory serves, I missed one day (Nov. 4th… hmm wonder how that happened). During my undergraduate days my attendance wasn’t quite at that level, and I suffered for it when finals came around. Why have I gone to class more? I think there’s a few influencing factors:

  • I am paying for my education this time instead of receiving help from my family.
  • I voluntarily chose to attend MBA, and I’m commited to NC State.
  • I enjoy the courses and the Professors, for the most part, and I’m learning valuable material

It’s been an enjoyable semester, and the time has flown. Now looking forward to the Holiday Break!


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