Intersecting Minds: Education, Business and Technology at the North Carolina State Jenkins Graduate School of Management

Studying Abroad | November 12, 2008

Perhaps one of the only regrets (and even that’s too strong of a word) from my undergraduate experience was missing the opportunity to study abroad. Between classes, leadership positions in my fraternity and holding down a part-time job, I didn’t have the time to make a trip overseas happen.

Fortunately, I have an opportunity to remedy that while I’m here at NC State. The Jenkins College of Management has a sister program in Copenhagen, Denmark that I’ll be investigating and hopefully applying to next semester. While in Denmark, I would most likely take a number of marketing courses with a potential supply chain course mixed in there to move me toward satisfying my concentration requirements. I’d also have an opportunity to get some much-needed international business experience as well as travel around Europe.

On the downside, I’m looking at making some more financial sacrifices (i.e. more loans because cost of living is so much more expensive, and it might put aspects of my scholarship in jeopardy), and it will restrict the number of courses available to me in the Spring of 2010. However, I consider this a potentially small price to pay in return for the opportunity. I’ll be blogging more on this as well as my internship search in the coming weeks and months.


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