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Pre-Thanksgiving Thoughts

November 26, 2008
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We finished our last day of classes before Thanksgiving Break at 7:15 tonight. Needless to say, I think a lot of people were ready for a few days off with friends and family following our second round of midterms. Of course, the party doesn’t stop for long. Our first assignment coming off the break is a 10-minute presentation at 9 am on Monday. We’ll be discussing the technological strategy for a specific product within a major oil and gas company.

Onto somewhat happier subjects… I stopped by the Study Abroad Office this afternoon to learn more about the application process. At the Office, a student greeted me and asked me to sign up for a General Informational Session to be held the Monday we get back at 12:30. When I returned from the S.A.O., I signed up online to begin the application process. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem too onerous:

  • Application Paperwork and Fee
  • Transcripts
  • Personal Statements
  • 2 Recommendations

And I’ll wrap this post up by asking for any comments or feedback on the debut of our NC State MBA Television Channel (if you have a more creative name, leave it in comments, too).

Have a great Thanksgiving everybody.


Video Blog Coming Soon!

November 24, 2008
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So I’ve been a little quiet this week on the writing front, but that’s because I’ve had something else in the works. As I write this post, my first video blog is uploading onto YouTube. I will update this post as soon as YouTube processes the upload. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Here it is

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Starting to Come Together

November 17, 2008
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I’m sitting in the library right now, taking a break from studying for our Economics midterm tomorrow. I wanted to take just a minute and say this is a point where our studies are starting to come together. Several weeks ago, I wrote a post about the holistic nature of our education here. The post talked about how we’re looking for the connections within our coursework and how we can apply those in the real world.

I feel like that process is starting to come into sharper focus. In the last few weeks, we’ve spoken a great deal about costing, prices, competition and strategy in three different courses: economics, accounting and M.O.T.

Let me try to illustrate an example. Two weeks ago, we began a conversation in Accounting about the difference between fixed and variable Costs. Later that week, we began a separate conversation in economics about Cost Curves and the relationship between sunk costs, fixed costs, variable costs and marginal costs. The following week we continued down this path in econ, talking about how prices play a role in strategy.

And then we picked this thread up in MOT when we were discussing the criteria firms need to take into account when choosing whether or not to pursue or continue a technology project. What costs are we looking at? What does the present value analysis look like? How does the project fit with our core competencies?

Fascinating questions. It’s nice to see our classes merging into a useful framework for us to use as future managers.

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Big Week Coming Up

November 16, 2008
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Here’s a few items on the agenda this week:

Monday – M.O.T class from 9-11; volunteering for Internet Summit?

Tuesday – Econ midterm; volunteering for Internet Summit?; filming for first video blog!

Wednesday – Internet Summit All Day

Thursday – Class; Trip to Study Abroad Office for financial and educational details

Friday – Career Effectiveness from 9-12; Leave for Washington DC!

Keep an eye out for that video blog. I haven’t busted out my iMovie tool yet, but it’s on the way!

Studying Abroad

November 12, 2008
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Perhaps one of the only regrets (and even that’s too strong of a word) from my undergraduate experience was missing the opportunity to study abroad. Between classes, leadership positions in my fraternity and holding down a part-time job, I didn’t have the time to make a trip overseas happen.

Fortunately, I have an opportunity to remedy that while I’m here at NC State. The Jenkins College of Management has a sister program in Copenhagen, Denmark that I’ll be investigating and hopefully applying to next semester. While in Denmark, I would most likely take a number of marketing courses with a potential supply chain course mixed in there to move me toward satisfying my concentration requirements. I’d also have an opportunity to get some much-needed international business experience as well as travel around Europe.

On the downside, I’m looking at making some more financial sacrifices (i.e. more loans because cost of living is so much more expensive, and it might put aspects of my scholarship in jeopardy), and it will restrict the number of courses available to me in the Spring of 2010. However, I consider this a potentially small price to pay in return for the opportunity. I’ll be blogging more on this as well as my internship search in the coming weeks and months.

The Mad Dash to Business School

November 6, 2008
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Congratulations to President-Elect Barack Obama. He will face a number of challenges when he comes into office, including an economy that has been thrashed by the financial crisis. More relevant to this blog, America’s economic woes have caused a boom in the number of MBA applications across the country as people seek refuge from the crisis.

Here are some statistics from a recent article in the Wall Street Journal:

New York University Stern School of Business reports a 30% increase in attendance at off-site information sessions this year. Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management has had a 22% increase in applications so far. University of Chicago Graduate School of Business says it is seeing significant increases in inquiries online and attendance at information sessions. And University of Michigan Ross School of Business says that campus visits by prospective students have more than doubled….

U.S. GMAT registration volume for the first nine months of this year totaled 129,902, up 5.1% from the same period last year. Veritas Prep, a test preparation and graduate-admissions consulting company, says its GMAT test-preparation registration has gone up 50% since June.