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Internship Search | October 27, 2008

As a part of the MBA program, we are “strongly encouraged” to find summer internships. I believe it’s that way at most business school programs around the country. The school wants us to use the summer as an opportunity to build experience as well as our network for pursuing our first job after graduation. Not a bad idea, really.

Our MBA 500 course has made the internship one of the focal points of the class. We are required to attend company informational sessions, put together a job search strategy and plan, and practice our interviewing and networking skills. So far, I’ve attended five company info. sessions: BB&T, IBM, LabCorp, Deloitte and Duke Energy. I’ve also narrowed down the industries and companies I’d be interested in pursuing.

At this point, I’m pretty set on working in the IT, Software or Social Media industries. My top companies are, in no particular order: Facebook, Google, Intel, IBM, Microsoft and Red Hat. Unfortunately, we’re in a down economy and probably will be for some time, which may put a damper on the search and make it more difficult, but it’s something else I’ll be monitoring and posting about over the coming months.


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