Intersecting Minds: Education, Business and Technology at the North Carolina State Jenkins Graduate School of Management

Choosing My Concentration(s) | October 15, 2008

In my last post I provided a link to the overview of the different concentrations NCSU’s program offers. Instead of reviewing each of the concentrations, which you can do at the website, I’d rather take the time to offer a rationale for my two choices: Supply Chain Management and Marketing.

I knew from the moment I came into the program that I wanted to double concentrate in order to expose myself to both sides of an organization: production and commercial. Concentrating in SCM and Marketing will give me that experience.

The Supply Chain Management program at NC State is consistently recognized as one of the top SCM/logistics programs in the country. Additionally, managers with Supply Chain experience are in high demand in today’s business environment, particularly in the energy and biopharma sectors. But I also want to overlay knowledge of the production side with knowledge of the commercial side, hence the choice to add the Marketing concentration.

When I graduate, I’d like to begin my career in one of two directions. First, I could see myself in Product Management, which requires direct interaction with supply and commercial departments in an organization. I could also see myself in Corporate Business Development, which requires a fundamental grasp of innovation techniques, production capabilities and market positioning that comprise an organization’s overall strategy.


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